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Family Guy has been on the air since it came back from cancellation back in 2005. It was brought back due to strong dvd sales.

When the show came back, it was not the same show we fell in love with. All of the characters have changed for the worse but the biggest thing was the abuse of the character Meg Griffin. It has gotten worse and it is not funny at all. Family Guy premiered after the Superbowl in 1999. It went off the air in 2002. The family acted like a real family and they have always been there for one another. But when the show came back in 2005, the characters got cold and mean to each other. The Meg abuse got harsher, the characters like Peter got more stupid and became carictures. There is no heart in the show anymore.

I have read this fanfiction called Attack of the 100ft Meg Griffin. It is in Family Guy Fanfiction. It is a parody of Attack of the 50ft woman. I have enjoyed it and I highly recommend that it should be made into a tv movie. It has the humor of the shows' first three years and the character of Meg triumphs at the end. It brings all the characters together. This is too good to pass up and it deserves to be made into a movie.

We, Family guy fans, call on Seth MacFarland to turn the Family Guy fanfiction "Attack of the 100ft. Meg Griffin into a tv movie."

This will be a great opportunity for a lesser known character to shine and it is a fresh story. The Meg abuse is not funny and it is not creative.

It is time for Meg Griffin to get her time in the spotlight. It is painful to watch Peter hurt Meg and it is time for her rise to the occasion.

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