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InnerCity Broadcasting 107.5 WBLS-FM NY
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Barbara C. De Laleu is the epitome of a true passionate professional and genuine talent in the field of radio, rejected by many popular New York radio stations she supported as a young listener, she showed steely determination to make her mark in radio and after having knocked at doors for many months she finally broke it down to start a radio career for Cox Radio Long Island's #1 hit music station 106.1 WBLI-FM.

Ms. De Laleu aka The Beautiful Stranger is radio through and through, her reaction to being on the radio in Long Island for all to hear is one of great enthusiasm, she has a passion burning inside her that ignites others around her, she is a true leader and can very well become the next legend in the radio industry.

Yes we all have our own professional goals in life, but we all have one thing in common, admiration for Barbara C. De Laleu, The Beautiful Stranger. This young woman has given her all for radio since day one.

Sign this petition to say that you would like WBLS to hire Barbara De Laleu, The Beautiful Stranger!!! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!

Reasons to have or hear The Beautiful Stranger on WBLS:

1) She has a strong reputation in the radio industry as a professional due to her work ethic & determination.

2) Her dedication and ability to be trustworthy is evident to employers and colleagues.

3) Her passion resonates in all of her work and influences her success in radio.

4) Her voice and presence is so captivating and seductive that she captures the attention of many different cultures.

5) Her ambition, maturity, and persistence create a wisdom that is way beyond her years.

We, supporters of the Beautiful Stranger, would like to hear the Beautiful Stranger on 107.5 WBLS in New York City!!!

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