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TUG Entertainemtn/ Sony Records
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B2k Uncensored

B2k Fans sare still high of the Scream Tour 3 and there is nothing we would enjoy more than to be able to view it over and over on DVD. Fans think that making the show available for purchase would not only be good for us, but it will turn a outstanding profit for all parties involved. This will be a major payback for all the fans who came out and attended each show and it wll be a reward since no cameras were allowed inside the venues for fans to capture memories in pictures.

Releasing the DVD will hold fans over until th release of "You Got Served" and the next tour/album. B2k fans don't ask for much and creating a DVD of the hotest tour of the summer will definitely keep a smile on fans faces. Aren't B2k fans worth it?

We are asking all B2K fans to sign this petiion in order to show TUG Entertainment, Sony, and B2k that fans were feeling the Scream Tour 3 and we want to see it on DVD. The only way to make something happen is if EVERY fan gets involved!

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