As you may be aware, I was unfairly excluded from the DailyRotten forums a few weeks ago, due to me retaliating against abusive and derogatory comments, which were directed at myself by other members.

All I did was to post a few repetitive posts, which basically 'blew the margins', and this was only possible due to the primitive nature of the Rotten forums, in being unable to word wrap long lines of text or urls.

Forum troll Queecherbeechin has done the same as I did many times, and has not been banned, so it is extremely unfair that my IP address be banned, while he/she still continues to post.

Currently my home IP address is blocked, and I've had to resort to using a neighbour's wireless internet connection, to circumvent the ban.

Please sign my petition to have my home IP address reinstated on the DailyRotten forums, as I'm currently using a neighbours wireless internet connection (with permission).

As you can all see, I was unfairly excluded.

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The Get Sandy's IP address un-blocked from DailyRotten forums petition to http://www.dailyrotten.com/ was written by Andrew Woods and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.