#Human Rights
Primeminister of England

Ryan Fox is a 18 year old severely Autistic man he weighs 18 Stone his mum is only 5ft tall and weighs 6 stone. Ryan can have major meltdowns he has put his head through a car window in the past and self harms.

He can throw himself on the floor and his mum has to try and get him back to the car. Now when this is on the top floor of a multistory carpark his 6 stone mum has no hope. The government will not give him a blue badge as he can walk but if his mum can not get him to the car he has no verbal communication so he would walk straight in the path of a car which could lead to his death. Please help!

We call on the government to change the law on blue badges whereby it's not just the inability to walk and should be on an individual case basis.

Peoples lives are being put in danger as the government will not listen!

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