#Children's Rights
Wooster ohio parents
United States of America

Is anyone else tired of our child's bus driver bringing our children home late or whenever she feels like it? Having what she calls "coming to Jesus meetings"? I am tired of it . I dont know why she feels like she has the right to be an hour late, all because the kids were talking. My children told me on several occasions that she yells shut up and refuses to allow theme to talk on the bus . They are young children on that bus! How can you refuse them to talk?? Something needs to be done to set this lady straight! Her name is Beth and Noone seems to like her rude and snappy personality! Please sign this petition to show that you are also fed up!! Please add any additional information you feel is important!
I told her once I was calling to bus garage to complain and her response was ,"go ahead!" Like she was untouchable and could do what she wants .

We, the people signing this petition ask for this bus driver to be provided better training so she can act more appropriate while driving ourecord children and if she continues to do this we ask she be at least removed from our route!

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