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This petition is to get the BBC to wipe every episode of the awful, unfunny, plagiarising and overlong running comedy series My Family.

Please sign this petition so that we can get the BBC to wipe every episode of the awful, unfunny comedy series My Family from the archives.

Despite it being a big flop, it overran its life time, making over sixty episodes when it should have been cancelled after the first series. It also got away with plagiarising two other BBC sitcoms - Butterflies and My Hero. The show was unfunny and used canned laughter. Although it was made for adults it has been broadcast before 9pm. Despite its cancellation, repeats of it still turn up. It gets repeated far too much and we've had more than enough of it. The show is a disgrace and an embarrassment to British sitcoms.

We've all heard other people saying how bad it is; it gets mocked very often. So let's all sign and get this awful show erased.

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