#Roads & Transport
Boris Johnson
United Kingdom

Ken Livingston had a so called "green zone carbon emission" area around London which restricted speed on fast routes into London such as the M4, A13, A12 etc which are dual carriageways originally designed to improve and speed up access into central London.

Speed cameras enforce a 40 or 50 mph limit in these fast designed roads strangling London traffic movement.

I call upon Boris Johnson to remove all speed limits and speed cameras on dual carriageway and motorway routes into central London, originally imposed just for the purpose of reducing carbon emissions into greater London and not for any safety or other purpose.

This has had the negative effect of adding to traffic congestion and increasing erratic driving where drivers ignore the limit then "slam" on brakes whenever a camera appears before them. Best examples are the M4, A12, A13, and A406.

Let traffic flow more smoothly where it is safe and the roads are designed originally for that purpose.

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