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United Kingdom

July 24, 2006

I Just Hate Pop-Ups, Don't You?

I'm Just Surfing The Net Then All Of A Sudden PING! I Receive 10 Pop-Ups All At Once And They Are Animated Ones And Usually Its Really Hard To Close Them Because The Top Bar Is Completely Off The Screen And The Computer Has Really Low Processing Power And Speed And Then The Computer Crashes, All Your Un-Saved Work, Gone!

Now This Only Applies To Really Slow (And Old) Computers. I Know That Most Of This Ads Are On Websites That Are Free And The Ads Are To Pay The Bills But Why Not Banners?

And Sponsored Links And Maybe A Splash Page With All The Advertisements Show If You Click A Button That Says "I Want To See The Advertisements" (Of Course There Would Be A Button That Says "Skip")

Get Rid Of Pop-Ups (Into Room 101) And Replace Them With More Practical And Less Memory Using Advertisements.

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The Get Rid Of Pop-Up Advertisments petition to All Advertising Companies was written by Christopher Cox and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.