#Consumer Affairs

On the 3D instant Messaging program IMVU, the staff started the option of buying "Premium Names" These are names that are in high demand by a high volume of people. The link to the information is here.


Since then, some requests for name changes (which can be used by purchasing a name change token) have been subtlety denied as the name that one desired (which had previously not been on the Premium name list before) suddenly became a Premium name.

Such an example is seen here.

The cost for such names can be between 50-100 U.S. Dollars, which many IMVU users cannot truly afford.

Screen Names should come on a first come/First serve basis. To charge such a considerable ammount of money for a name is an underhanded way doing business. Premium names should be gotten rid of entirely.

We, the Undersigned, demand that the practice of "Premium Names" should be discontinued on the 3D instant messanger program called IMVU.

The claiming of screen names should be returned to the previous policy before the Premium name Policy was instituted.

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The Get rid of IMVU Premium names petition to IMVU Inc. was written by Sarah Hammond and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.