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Dear EastEnders,

Whilst the show is getting better and is pretty good form at the moment, e.g. Stacey's exit, Baby swap storyline etc, the Carol and Connor affair is possibly one of the worst affairs in EastEnders history. Lindsey Coulson (Carol) deserves much better storylines than this to act out, as Lindsey is such a fantastic actress, one of the best actresses in the show.

Hardly any of the viewers are understanding why this affair is such a good storyline. This is one of the main bad things about the show at the moment, which is really annoying us at the moment. It's really annoying how it's all on and off, so repetative. One moment Connor is Carol's Billie replacement, and the next he is her toyboy! I mean, seriously?

Connor is one of the least popular characters too. Even if Connor doesn't leave, please at least just make Connor as Carol's 'Billie replacement' and just her Billie replacement! The one of time when they slept together reeling from Billie's death is fine, but it wouldn't go on surely?!

One of most disturbing storylines in EastEnders history (Carol and Connor). Billie's death was brilliant, why spoil it with Carol and Connor?

We call EastEnders to get rid of Connor so the dreadful Carol and Connor affair ends.

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