To get Recovery - the BBC drama starring Sarah Paris and David Tennant - onto DVD.
United Kingdom

Recovery is a one-off British television drama, first broadcast on BBC One in 2007, starring David Tennant and Sarah Parish.

It deals with the life of Alan Hamilton (played by David Tennant), the former head of a construction firm, after he receives serious personality-changing brain injuries in a car accident, and the emotional feeling of his family. Tricia, his wife (played by Sarah Parish) struggles because the man she knew has gone. Throughout the programme she tries to bring him back through memories, photographs, her sons and herself.

The Liverpool Echo called Recovery "perhaps the best thing David Tennant's ever done."

The Herald called it "one of TV's saddest, most harrowing dramas ever" and encouraged people to donate to the brain injury charity, Headway, whether they had seen the drama or not.

The Times said that "Tennant and Parish made it affecting viewing" and that they also "thankfully avoided the Hollywood trend to use memory loss as a gateway to deeper healing, a little miracle to help us forget our mean adult selves and learn to be innocent again."

The Guardian said "It wasn't over-sentimental, just believable. And much more powerful for that. Anyone who says they didn't have a lump in their throats is either an unfeeling brute or a liar."

The Scotsman said "This is sobering, saddening stuff, a tragic portrait of a living hell which, if nothing else, should encourage you to be more vigilant the next time you cross the road."

Both the BBC and 2/entertain have said they do not own the rights to release this.

We, the undersigned, urge the BBC and 2/entertain to work out who has the rights to release Recovery onto DVD and then to release it in due course, as we feel this is a great moving piece of drama which can be used accurately to help people to know more about brain injury.

The DVD should be released and it is a travesty that it hasn't been.

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