Randy Jackson
United States of America

A man named Randy Jackson has just started a petition to remove women's right to vote. Not one person has signed it to date - surprise, surprise, but in the spirit of improving the general well being of all in the community - especially the severly emotionally challenged - I thought I'd give people a chance to offer Randy some badly needed assistance.

We, the undersigned, believe Randy Jackson - campaigner against women's voting rights - is in need of the some urgent intervention into his emotional well being - perhaps in the form of the love of a smart woman - in order to bring some joy and fulfilment into his life. We urge anyone who knows and loves him to step in as soon as possible to reduce the terrible toll that fear, hate and stupidity bring upon this world.

The Get Randy Jackson into therapy! petition to Randy Jackson was written by Lynette Hughes and is in the category Health at GoPetition.