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This is for children under 16 and anyone who agrees pleaase sign
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I myself found that when my eldest child turned a teenager there was numerous adults who allowed my child to stay overnight without actually contacting me or social services, so whilst I was crying and searching for my child the adult of the house that my child was staying with was not held accountable in any way for not contacting me this is the main reason for this petition.

The government say that parents or guardians are to blame for the way their teenagers behave but I have found that the rules say that children have more rights than their parents. I propose to have the law changed to it gives parents their rights back.

I propose to try and change this law for every parent or guardian so that: If your child is staying at someone's home overnight and does not contact parent guardian or social services they will be held accountable by law also if a parent or guardian does not report their child missing overnight thy will also be held accountable for not knowing where their child is overnight. In turn this will free up the time of police social services and the waste of tax payers money. But most importantly the worry of parents who generally care guardians will contact these services.

Thank You for taking time to read this petition and I hope that you will sign and help me have this law put in place.

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