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In 2010 the mobile network O2 thought that it would be a good idea to remove the 4 to 1 ratio for text messaging whilst abroad for ALL customers who wished to upgrade and continue to give them their business for a further 18 - 24 months.

As airline crew this facility has been a significant benefit to us, and O2 refuse to allow us to continue with it, unless we enter into a situation of "stalemate" and just continue on our existing (and sometimes expired) contracts without renewing. This applies to all customers who either would like to receive a new phone or simply reduce their cost of bills by going onto a simplicity tariff.

O2 used to offer a "Bolt On" (£7.50) which allowed 500 additional texts to be added to your monthly allowance. This "Bolt On" would allow you to send texts for free from overseas. To put this into perspective, 500 UK msgs would become 125 international msgs and presuming that you were sending these messages from USA / Caribbean the equivalent cost without the bolt on would be £62.50.

I want O2 to react to the feedback from their customers who feel strongly about this, please re-introduce the "Bolt On" or create an "Airline Tariff" where this text messaging facility would be available and therefore treat customers fairly.

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