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A petition to get "Night of the Demons" on DVD (Region 1).

To Whom this may concern:

We the fans, demand that "Night of the Demons" --the 1987 horror movie classic, be put on DVD for everyone with 'Region 1' DVD players (US & Canada). Even though NOTD is available on a Region 2 DVD(Europe,Middle East and Japan), it still doesn't change the fact that all of us over here in the United States can't get it on DVD. So, a Region 1 release for "Night of the Demons" would be most appreciated...

Thanks -

The Fans.

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The Get "Night of the Demons" on Reg. 1 DVD petition to Republic Pictures Home Video/Artisan Home Entertainment was written by Heather Murphy and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.

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