to get more drug treatment centers closer to home
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Illegal drug use is linked to crime. Many addicts need treatment. Governor Peter Shumlin said "Right now, we have hundreds of Vermonters who are addicted and are ready to accept help, but who are condemned to waiting because we don't have the capacity to treat the demand." How can Vermont help that problem?

We have trouble providing enough treatment for addicts. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs are the biggest problem in Vermont. In 2013 15% of Vermonters said they have used illegal drugs in the past month. The increase in people using drugs increases the number of drug busts, drug related crimes, and convictions.

There is a medical system that is called hub and spoke. The center is called the hub and that is the main starting point for drug treatment. There are only 5 hubs in vermont. When you go home the idea is you will get help from the spokes. The spokes are doctors, counselors, nurses. The problem is that doctors don't want to give treatment out to people who have been using drugs because they think they will abuse it.

We the undersigned endorse the development of more community based substance treatment to allow people to get the services they need in their home based community.

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