Punk lovers!!

The whole idea of this petition is to get Jello Biafra, former lead singer of the band the Dead Kennedys to come to Brisbane and tour Australia.

My friends and I have already gotten some signatures on our written petition from school and we have 141 signatures so far.

We the people of Brisbane are sick of all the lame emo music. They have taken over everything!! Everywhere you go there is an emo...you can't even go to a local gig without having to listen the there music.

So we feel that we deserve 1 night of real music...real punk music! Jello Biafra who used to be the lead singer of the Dead Kennedys is a great example of a real punk rocker who is well known for speaking his mind. Jello has been doing shows in America but we need him in Brisbane,Australia even more!!

The emos are'nt even alternate because there so mainstream...which makes it hard for people who are naturally weird and alternate to be able to connect with something that isnt mainstream because the emos are everywhere.

Please...if you love real punk and not the waterd down shit you here on the radio....or the bad emo screamo music, sign my petition and we might actually be able to get Jello Biafra here!

Once we've reached a good number im going to print out the petition and send it with my written petition (on the same issue) to his record company alternative tentacles.


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