Tony Blair
United Kingdom

In light of the current situation in Iraq, and the way that these so-called "world leaders" have conducted their self with lies and false issues surrounding their campaign of Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.). With their selfish needs for the Iraqi oil the have lead our military to an unnessecary war, leading to countless deaths of troops and innocent civilians, which in turn will invoke more terrorists all over the world.

Allthough their false intentions seemed nobel at the time, their accusations have failed to materialise. With the death toll rising these people need to be withdrawn from power as like they done with the Iraqi leader. It was clear from the news reports that the Americain leader was not making the decisions and that the British leader was merely mislead into believing the dangers that the Americains portraid.

Please sign this petition to help the world make a stand against political powers that believe they are above being public representatives and taking into their own hands, issues that affect all. Help us get Bush and Blair O-U-T!

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