Warner Bros. Studios
United States of America

Dear Warner Bros. Studios, on behalf of many individuals, I am petitioning to see to it that the televison series Freddy's Nightmares gets a Region 1 DVD release in North America. Even though the Region 2 sales were lackluster in Europe, I assure you that they would be much better in the U.S. and Canada (Especially with the remake on the horizon, renewing interest in the series with fans.).

For awhile now, I have heard other Nightmare fans wish, beg, and pray for this series on Region 1 DVD. I too wish that this would happen very soon.

The following are a few online references that show just how much some die-hard Freddy fans are drooling over the possibilty of seeing Freddy's Nightmares on DVD:




We, the undersigned, beg Warner Bros. Studios to release and distribute the television series Freddy's Nightmares on Region 1 DVD so that we may enjoy owning and watching the episodes in our own home.

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