Frankston Council

Frankston City Council has opted not to renew the lease of the Frankston City Motorcycle Park leaving many members with no where to ride safely.

Frankston City Motorcycle Park was established back in 1980 and this particular volunteer committee has been operating for about 3 years and fully self sufficient.

The whole idea of this park was to have a place for family especially youths to ride at an affordable price instead of going to the streets. Volunteers slaved every week, most nearly every day to keep the park running at an affordable price.

If Council are to have their way, MV will be introduced and fees put up to cover staffing costs. Sadly this means most families will not be able to afford to continue with the sport.

It is a fun recreational track that is not a race track unlike others in Victoria.

I am wanting to get as many people as possible to sign this petition to make Frankston Council aware of the impact that closing Frankston City Motorcycle Park will have on everyone.

The current Volunteers do a fantastic job and I am wanting to see them returned.

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