Here at bombing HQ, we have been thinking up stupid ideas to make our days brighter in this dreary wintery weather… So here’s the plan:

The legendary Eddie the ‘Eagle’ Edwards is known and loved throughout the world of winter sports and beyond… Well, how could you refuse to love a competitor who threw himself off HUGE ski jumps despite being terrified of heights? Edwards was 9 kg heavier than the next heaviest competitor and as well as being very short sighted, which required him to wear his glasses at all times (In fact, when skiing, Eddie’s glasses fogged up to such an extent that he was almost completely blind!).

Despite his huge effort, Eddie came last in both ski-jump events he entered in the 1988 Olympics, resulting in the International Olympic Committee changing their laws so he did not qualify for the following Olympics! Oh dear... but what a guy. We here at Bombing HQ love Eddie so much and think he has the right stuff to become a true Snowbomber, it would be a travesty for him not to lead the Road Trip Driven By Volvo all the way to Mayrhofen.

Show your appreciation to the Edwards phenomenon and sign our petition. Writing down your name and details will hopefully be enough to persuade Eddie to drive to Snowbombing!

And you never know, you may end up dancing next to the man himself dressed in an Eagle outfit at the street party... Let's just hope! The more names the better, so make sure you pass this onto your friends and get them to get involved!

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