Dummy Hoy
United States of America

When the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced its 1998 inductees, a collective groan of disappointment rumbled through the Deaf community. The 19th Century player chosen was shortstop/manager George Davis (1870-1940), who played for the New York Giants and the Chicago White Sox from 1890-1909, accumulating 2,660 hits and a .295 batting average (.300-plus during his 9 years with the Giants).

The general reaction of Deaf people (and a number of hearing people, too) was “George who???” Once again, “Dummy” Hoy had been bypassed by the Hall of Fame Committee on Baseball Veterans (the “Veterans Committee”).

Our main goal is to get William ‘Dummy’ Hoy inducted in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Our first step would be establish a petition to increase the numbers of supporters nationwide to establish strong fan-based credibility. With the information accumulate within this website, you will find Hoy statistically successful.

We, with any means necessary, request you to sign a petition on the link below; to vouch and support the fame of our lifelong sport hero. We would like you to vouch your opinion about why should Hoy deserve his position in the Hall of Fame, and how you admire his success. Thank you.

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