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Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe (Parapsychologist on LIVING's Most Haunted) has been a fan of Ghosbusters since he saw the first film in 1984, indeed he recalls how it influenced his choice of career in an interview with April Slaughter:
The full article can be found here: http://www.aprilslaughter.com/interview-with-parapsychologist-dr-ciaran-okeeffe/

"I really received my awakening in 1984 (at age thirteen) when the movie Ghostbusters was released. It was then when I heard the term “Parapsychology” for the first time. It’s funny that it all goes back to a film, but even now old friends recall my fascination with the field and how I was the only one who seemed to know everything about Parapsychology when the movie came out. I was hooked and the instant I saw the movie I was researching everything about the subject. Science tackling the supernatural – this is what I wanted to do."

In another interview with Silent Voices Magazine, Ciaran stated that "a dream for the future would be to get a cameo role in the upcoming Ghostbusters III. “Trust me, I'm a Doctor!”"

As a group of fans, it would be a fitting tribute to Ciaran if we could make this dream come true.

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