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I'm not here to please, I'm here to get support.When I was ten years old a wonderful movie came out as a Disney Channel Original Movie called Genius, starring the now prominent actors Trevor Morgan and Emmy Rossum(she's the young girl pitured with the phantom in the petition image).

I recently went to look for this movie to add to my collection of feel good childhood films to find that it had not even been released on VHS let alone DVD.

I was disappointed to say the least, I really love those happy films that make you smile, and it's also one of the only good television movies for kids ever made.It made me wonder why so many other movies were put on a viewable format, Genius came out in 1999 and there is still no set release date, even though some of the worst movies have been released along with the terrible sequels.

In short I would like you people to help assist me in getting this great movie distributed to children just like me. Thank you all very much for your help and support.

Get Genius (Disney Channel Original Movie-1999) released on DVD for people to view soon!

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