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David Cassidy's final EP Album Songs My Father Taught Me is a profound work of emotion, integrity, resonance, and human drive at its highest level.

David recorded the album as homage to his father Jack Cassidy, the Broadway legend who sang these songs from an era when Jazz was at a peak. He also made the recording while his brain and body were shutting down. However, the sheer love David had of performing, of the creative process, and for his father, gave him the strength and will to see the album shape into reality. With his artistic ability and an almost spiritual drive. the end result is a superior musical work performed with the passionate deliverance that only David could execute. This final EP is well worthy of Grammys in the Best Jazz Vocal Album category and David Cassidy as Best Jazz Vocal Performance.

The EP, brilliantly produced by Craig J. Snider, features David’s longtime band members - Craig J., Teri Cote, Dave Robicheau and Frank Fabio - who reunited with David one last time to see the work through completion. .

During the first half of the 1970s, there was no bigger star than David Cassidy. He permeated the fabric of society - here in the U.S. as well as globally. He played not only multiple instruments – guitar, piano, drums, clarinet – but sang multiple genres – rock, jazz and blues being his favorites and ones he performed extensively on his solo albums. David was one of the most prolific artists in the history of music, recording numerous Partridge Family albums while simultaneously recording solo works - all with the breathy vibrato sung with superior vocal range that was his signature, uniquely David’s and imitated to this day. He performed each song with razor-sharp execution, like it was the last time he would ever sing.

David is long over-due for a Grammy win. Nominated in the early 70's, his body of work then and since has influenced generations of musicians and singers. Songs My Father Taught Me went to #1 on Amazon and embodies the most core elements of the Jazz genre while executed at the highest emotional level. We ask The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) to nominate the EP for Jazz Album of the Year and David Cassidy as Jazz Performer of the Year for the Class of 2018 Grammys.

I implore NARAS President Neil Portnow to consider the below statement and take actions to ensure the following:

I unequivocally and enthusiastically endorse the sentiments of the “Nominate Songs My Father Taught Me for a Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album" and the "Nominate David Cassidy for a Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Performance" campaign.

The EP demonstrates not only superior production and artistry in the Jazz field but also embodies the profound effect David’s music has had on the music industry, his millions of fans, and on generations of musicians. David’s musical talents and brilliant execution were always of the highest calibre, and so deeply rooted in our culture is this exceptional musician, he has inspired and changed the way other musicians have made and performed music to this day. Songs My Father Taught Me elevates the Jazz genre to a new audience while adhering to its core elements with exceptional vocal and musical delivery and passionate expression.

Mr. Portnow, David Cassidy justly deserves nominations in these categories. Please ensure his inclusion. Thank you for your attention.

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