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This petition has been created to get the North Queenslnd Cowboys on free-to-air television for the first time since 1995.

The last time the North Queensland Cowboys had a featured game on national free-to-air television was their first match in the NRL, against the Bulldogs in 1995. Week in and week out, for the last 10 years, sides lower on the ladder have featured on Channel 9.

The Cowboys usually get allocated the Saturday night time slot and are only featured on Fox Sports. Only those lucky enough to have pay TV can see the Cowboys play. How can it be fair that when the Cowboys sit inside the top eight, sides below them such as St George Illawarra, Newcastle, Wests Tigers and most shockingly of all, South Sydney, get the free-to-air coverage? The majority of the Cowboys supporters do not have pay television and have not seen their side play for 10 years. The competition is known as the National Rugby League. If rugby league truely wants to expand and become a national sport, then the Cowboys need free to air games. We are not asking for them to be on every week, but more than once in 10 years would be nice.

The NRL and Channel 9 have done nothing about this in 10 years. Please sign this petition and let them know just how wrong their actions are.

The North Queensland Cowboys have featured on national free-to-air television once in 10 years. Please correct the injustice being done to the thousands of the Cowboys loyal fans and give them at least one match on Channel 9 in 2004.

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