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Channel 4 in the UK has been showing Yo Gabba Gabba, dubbed into an english accent. this is just plain wrong! The whole appeal of the show is it's over the top presentation.

This new version is dull, to say the very least. The voice over artist is someone who has been on british TV for a long time (Otis. he doesn't appear to have a last name, just Otis), however his lacklustre performance shows his unwillingness to butcher a fast growing modern classic.

Please please please sign this petition. The UK deserves to enjoy this show in its purest form!!!

We, the undersigned, call upon Channel 4 in the UK to stop showing the Yo Gabba Gabba episodes that have been dubbed into an English accent, and replace those episodes with the original ones.

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The Get Channel 4 to Re-Americanise Yo Gabba Gabba petition to Channel 4 UK was written by Emma McCulloch and is in the category Television at GoPetition.