#Animal Rights
My mom
United States of America

As of recently, one of my furry friends passed away on short notice. She was very young and she had been rather healthy. I knew that wasn’t the last of her. I’ve been looking to see where I’d find her spirit again and fill in that hole. That’s when I found a stray cat that stays at one of my closest friends place of stay. I fell in love with this cat instantly. I would love to bring Buttersworth home. The conditions are that I get him spayed but I’m using this to back my points so I can bring him home.

Stray animals are extremely common in the United States. Pets are dumped or left constantly, a very depressing matter. It is our jobs as animal lovers to open our welcoming arms to said animals and give them tender love. As a cat lover, I wish to bring Buttersworth to my home. He would fit perfectly in and be extremely happy and healthy. Help me convince my mother to let me bring him home. #BringButtersworthHome

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