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Bruce Springsteen
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Chris Calogero not only loves Bruce Springsteen, but runs a late night style comedy show in Brooklyn where Bruce could come to promote his latest book! Just think of the sparks that could fly when two of New jersey's sweetest baby boys get together at a former coffin making factory in Brooklyn!

​Bruce Springsteen is the greatest New Jerseyan of all-time and damn near the best American.

Chris Calogero ranks somewhere in the top 100 New Jerseyans of all-time and his show, Not Quite Midnight, is the best show that features stand up comedy and late night talk interviews and is also co-hosted by Courtney Maginnis.

These are two great tastes that could taste great together! Help us get The Boss to come promote his book on our show and talk with us for a short interview. There is literally no person in the world Chris wants to meet more and YOU can make it happen!

With the release of his new memoir, ​Born to Run, ​now is the time for Bruce to get the word out to the youth of Bushwick and we are just the show to make it happen. Get Bruce to Pine Box!

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