#Roads & Transport
The House of Commons
United Kingdom

This group has been set up, to fight to reduce car insurance in the BB postcodes. Also, to lower premiums for new learners, and young drivers.

At this moment in time, we are paying far too much for our insurance, in the bb area of england.

We, the undersigned residents of United Kingdom, draw the attention of the House of Commons to equalise the insurance premiums for cars in the BB post coded areas of the North West of England.

We believe that we are being victimised, and should have the same premiums as those of different towns, with proof that it is up to £1000 cheaper if we enter a different postcode. Also, would like for young drivers (18 - 25) and newly passed driver, to be also equal, and not discriminated against because the offenders of the same background are committing crimes, and gaining monies by 'Crash for Cash' scheme which have been ongoing for over 10 years.

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