New Zealand

AMP is refusing to pay out a terminally ill Auckland man's life insurance, despite having a legitimate claim that he was suffering from cancer whilst he was under cover.

Andrew Porteous may have just weeks to live, which makes his battle a race against time to get AMP to pay.

Andrew's insurance came as part of his job. The problem is he had just finished work (and subsequently Andrew’s workplace policy ended), when he was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer. Fortunately AMP had a clause in their policy specifically allowing for claims where the terminal illness occurred prior to cessation of employment. His lawyers advise that this clause applies irrespective of when the formal diagnosis of the condition occurred. Nonetheless AMP are refusing to pay out under this clause.

Please sign the petition to get AMP to pay out Andrew Porteous’ life insurance.

We, the undersigned, call on AMP to pay out Andrew Porteous' life insurance policy.

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