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Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier is an iconic and complicated character within the Marvel Mythology. He life is multifaceted and spans many eras. Beginning his early life in the Great Depression and World War 2, through to his traumatic career as the Winter Soldier within the Cold War and continuing right up to his journey of self-discovery in the modern day as Captain America. His character is rich and his story deserves to be told. Dealing with psychological circumstances that are very relatable to many modern day viewers, this creates character focused storytelling. Additionally, his relationships with characters such as Captain America, Black Widow, the Falcon and many others creates fun and heartfelt onscreen entertainment.

If we could reach 20,000 signatures as our beginning goal then that would be amazing. Please sign if you love this characters !

We, the fans of Marvel Studios and Bucky Barnes, wish to inform Marvel Studios of our enthusiasm for Bucky and our desire to see him gain his own film. We believe that such a film would not only have wide appeal, but due to the depths of his character, would also be an interesting and complex piece of entertainment.

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