Hot Topic Store

The youth on Aruba request a Hot Topic store to be located on Aruba the little-so-dearly-sweet-and-warm-in-all-seasons Island in the Caribbean.

The youth on Aruba don't travel a lot to abroad where there's a Hot Topic store.

It's about once or twice in two years or so the kids in Aruba usually travel abroad and that doesn't really give them the opportunity to go to a Hot Topic store to shop. If they do get a chance to travel abroad it doesn't mean that they would travel to a country where there is a Hot Topic store.

The parents wouldn't allow the kids to have a credit/debit card or they either don't allow them order online and so the youth really want a Hot Topic store on the One Happy Island Aruba.

The youth here in Aruba really love all Hot Topic's merchandise, they browse through the Hot Topic site and wishes so dearly that they were in the U.S so that they can buy those merchandise that they saw on the site. Thanks :]

If you think the youth of Aruba deserve to have a Hot Topic store on the island please sign the petition. Thank You.

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