Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue and the Department of Pardons and Paroles
United States of America

In the State of Georgia, many one time convicted felons find it very difficult to support their families due to the difficulty they face in getting employment. Since September 11th, it is estimated that over 80 - 90% of companies perform background checks on new and current employees.

Georgia should amend the laws to make expungement or sealing possible for youthful offenders who have proven that they have learned from their mistakes.

This should not apply to crimes against children or violence against another person. It is not possible to undo the suffering victims face from such crimes, and we owe it to society not to include those convicted of such crimes back into society. That is not a chance worth taking.

Please amend the law in the State of Georgia to allow those convicted of felonies at 19 or under to petition the court for record sealing or expungement so those non-violent offenders who have proven they have changed, do not have to wear a “badge” the rest of their lives making it harder for them to acquire gainful employment, even after completing college, etc.

Many people convicted at the age of 18 and 19 do and did not understand how long lasting the result of their actions would be, even after fines and restitution have long been paid.

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