#Human Rights
People who want to help stop genocide.

After the horrific genocide during WWII, people all around the world said "never again". Since the mass murder of the Jews, 1.8 million Cambodians have died in a terrible genocide. Men, women, and kids were singled out, tortured in inhumane prisons. 800,000 people died in a mass killing of Hutus. These two examples are not the only genocides that have occured since the infamous "never again" statement after the Holocaust. There are still genocides to come and the mistake that led to the Holocaust was that nobody stood up for the Jews before it happened. We cannot make the same mistake, time and time again the world has stayed indifferent to the inhumane and horrible treatment of people. There are warning signs that suggest Nigeria might be the next victim of a genocide if nobody does anything. Boko Haram is a terrorist group that is taking over certain areas of land and terrorizing the people that live among the land. They capture the women, blow up buildings, and kill large groups of innocent people. Recently, they have been capturing many young girls and forcing them into their terrorist group to do horrible things for them. In addition, Boko Haram is also finding large groups of anyone who isn’t of their very extremist Islamic religion and killing them off in mass amounts. They are creating a world of genocide in Nigeria. We can't let our government turn the other way when something like this is happening right now. We need to speak up and demand our government to take action to prevent genocides. Pushing for laws that hold governments more accountable for responding to genocides can help ensure that genocides in the past will not be repeated.

We, the voice of the country, call on the US government to take action in Nigeria to stop potential genocide. These actions include passing laws that hold the US government to a human standard and making the government obligated to help countries like Nigeria prevent further advances in genocides and ethnic cleansings.

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