#Gender Rights and Issues
Pasadena Area Community College District Board of Trustees
United States of America

Students at Pasadena City College have been verbally harassed and in some cases physically assaulted by others on campus while using the restroom.

Transgender students have reported being battered and verbally harassed creating a hostile environment on campus while using gender specific restrooms.

Parents of opposite gender children are required to either allow their children to go into the child's gender specific restroom unattended or to bring that child into gender disconcordant restrooms.

Healthcare and caregiver providers of opposite gender clients/patients need to have safe places where the client or caregiver does not feel uncomfortable.

We, the undersigned, ask and beseech the Pasadena Area Community College District Board of Trustees and the Pasadena City College Administration to create a safe environment for all students regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.

For all Disabled persons and their opposite gender caretakers and parents accompanied by opposite gender children by creating and providing gender neutral restrooms on campus.

We request the following:

1. Immediate conversion of at least two current restrooms from gender specific to gender neutral and for those restrooms to be located in save and highly visible areas.

2. All future construction, including those currently in progress include gender neutral restrooms.

3. Mandatory sensitivity training for all Faculty, Classified and Management Employees.

4. Creation of a course of study required for all students dealing with gender identity and sexual orientation issues. Including discrimination, homophobia, heterosexism, hate speech and marginalization.

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