#Consumer Affairs
United Kingdom

I am sure you are all aware of Pop Tarts, the delicious pre-baked toaster pastry made by the Kellogg company. However, myself and many people i know were shocked to find that the frosted version of Pop Tarts contain beef gelatin, therefore not making them suitable for vegetarians or anyone who has restrictions regarding eating beef due to circumstances, for example, religion.

This is obviously a daunting fact to anyone who pursues a lifestyle choice to not eat meat, yet loves the taste of a Pop Tart. No doubt that Kellogs are losing customers... They can replace gelatin with vegetarian alternatives such as Agar-agar which is seaweed based and gain customers, while still maintaining taste.

So sign for vegetarian Pop Tarts!

We, the undersigned, call for the Kellogg's company to switch their ingredient of beef gelatin in Frosted Pop Tarts to a suitable vegetarian alternative.

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