Since Gary Bettman has been Commisioner of the NHL, the league has declined in several ways: financially, both in terms of teams' finances and TV contracts; in popularity, as shown by the poor TV ratings; and the general state of the game and the overall talent level.

In the words of Chris Chelios, "I find it ridiculous he still has a job after all this,"..."He doesn't understand hockey. He's a numbers guy. He doesn't have a feel for this game, and nobody in his office does, either. From a marketing standpoint, the game has suffered since he got the job. He can come up with as many excuses as he wants, but he is the man in charge."

Why is this man, who doesn't have the passion for the game in charge of it??????

Sign this petition asking for the resignation or dismissal of Gary Bettman as NHL Commisioner.

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