We have heard that Gameforge, one of the largest game publisher in Europe, ordered a shut down on the Facebook page and YouTube video of a new game known as Rise of Metin developed and published by a small company known as Mega-Cheer International, by claiming infringement of copyrightable material, which everyone know to be fabricated.

We have seen the trailer of the game and it is different from Metin2 which is published by Gameforge. Furthermore, according to Mega-Cheer company, they are in the process of trademarking Rise of Metin which trademark is available.

This is a clear cut evidence of a big publisher in Europe known as Gameforge bullying a small company because they feel threatened by Rise of Metin which has a huge followers everywhere.

There are more than few thousand private servers of Metin2, some even calling themselves Metin3, Age of Metin and Gameforge has never shut down any of the private servers. Furthermore, Rise of Metin has not yet been launched so where is the copyright infringement?

Gameforge is worry about competition and it seems Rise of Metin is coming to Europe and determining to stay in the market even if there are strong opposition from Gameforge.

Please sign with me a petition to stop the act of bullying by Gameforge.

We, the followers for Rise of Metin want to play the game and we are sick of the corruption going on in Gameforge bullying their players and offering poor customer service through the years.

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