Galileo High School
United States of America

On Tuesdays, we, the students of Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, get dismissed at 1:00PM. Other schools like Lincoln, on their early dimissal day, which is Thursday, they get disimissed at 12:30PM while starting school at 8:00AM, the same time as us.

We don't need our lunch break at 10:51. That's just too early. Why don't they change the schedule to fit everyone's needs by taking out the lunch period and moving 5th and 6th period up? Lunch is unnecessary in such a short school day. If a lunch period is a must, then at least make it after 6th period. Then we can get dismissed from class at 12:15PM.

Those of you supporting the replacement of the lunch period please sign!

We, the undersigned, support the replacement of the lunch period, Galileo High School: Tuesday Schedule.

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