Otomate, Idea, Inc., Frontier Works, FUNimation

The Gakuen Hetalia games were released in March 2011 and March 2012 in Japanese.

The series and the manga continue to be produced and translated. However, no signs of an English version of Gakuen Hetalia have been shown.

We, Hetalia fans of the world, would like to petition the making of an English version of 'Gakuen Hetalia DS' and 'Gakuen Hetalia portable'.

English translations circle the internet, but unless you read Japanese, you cannot play the game. Playing the game is so much more of an experience then watching an English walkthrough on Youtube.

Japanese versions are so rare in America they sell for nearly $100, and that's for a game we can't understand/read. Think of how much it would mean to Hetalia fans if English versions of 'Gakuen Hetalia' were released.

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