G. Ray Bodley High School

I am the only senior member of the 2002-2003 G. Ray Bodley dance team. Before I graduate, I would like to see my squad be considered an actual athletic team, rather than a school club. For the school to declare the dance squad an athletic team would mean the opportunity for its members to receive varsity letters for their participation. It would mean so much to me to be able to graduate with the knowledge that I made a lasting difference in the athletic atmosphere at G. Ray Bodley.

The Dance Team at G. Ray Bodley High School consists of a group of students who boost the spirit of the crowd at the Varsity Boys Basketball games. The Dance Team is classified as one of the many "clubs" at G. Ray Bodley High School. The team finds this classification unfitting and disheartening in the face of what Dance Team means to them. Pep assemblies only allow participation of sports teams. The team, however, participates in these pep assemblies. It seems unfair to give participation rights to a so-called club at an assembly reserved for athletic teams. I ask that they be viewed not as a hobby done on some rainy day, but as a true athletic team. The Team only asks for a written recognition of this fact, and to be able to obtain a varsity letter in recognition of their involvement. I believe this would long ensure participation of the student body in Dance Team. We, the undersigned, say that the dance squad should be considered an actual athletic team.

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