Hamilton Ohio Planning Commision

Future Great Wrestling had a public meeting with the Hamilton, Ohio planning commission on December 17th. Their was a near by retirement community in attendance that expressed concerns directed at wrestlers and their fans. Some of these concerns were, people would jump into their lake, drug deals, fights, parking on their lawn, getting shot inside their home, won't be able to walk their dog anymore, ruining a deer path, and so on. The planning commission expressed concern over parking. These claims are obviously ridiculous. As many of you know already, many wrestlers and their fans are nothing like this. They are respectable family men and women with kids, good jobs, and big hearts. The planning commission voted no to allowing shows at our location. I will be able to resubmit for another meeting in January with hopes they will change their mind and allow wrestling shows. This petition could be an important factor for more planning commission votes going our way.

We at Future Great Wrestling call on the public to sign this petition if you want to see wrestling shows at 190 North Brookwood Ave in Hamilton, Ohio.

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