City Council of Alexandria, Virginia
United States of America

Petition asserting that all operational costs of Alexandria’s Fire Station 210 need to be included in the City’s FY 2016 Operating Budget.

It has long been recognized that the West End of Alexandria experiences the longest fire and emergency response times in the City. With repeated studies confirming that, in 2008 the City Council authorized the capital funds necessary to construct Fire Station 210 at 5200 Eisenhower Avenue. That construction took on additional urgency as a direct consequence of Norfolk Southern establishing its Ethanol Transloading Facility adjacent to residential neighborhoods and Samuel Tucker Elementary School.

Apparently the engine for Station 210 was purchased two or more years ago but has been put to use elsewhere. The “foam unit” used specifically to combat incidents at the Transloading Facility (which is located but a few hundred feet from Station 210) has been based at Station 209 (Potomac Yard) ever since it was acquired, as have the personnel trained to operate the unit.

Construction of Station 210 is finally complete. Yet the proposed FY 2016 budget again provides no funds to man the station with fire fighters, fire equipment or the foam unit which will remain seven miles away from the one place in the City that it was specifically acquired to protect.

It is time for the Alexandria City Council to (a) allocate all necessary funds needed to operate our $15 million investment in Station 210, (b) provide the life safety protections that the City says all its residents are entitled to and (c) address what for many years have been recognized as unacceptable response times in the West End.

In light of the foregoing, the undersigned formally request that the Alexandria City Council ensure adequate funds to fully operate Fire Station 210, as designed, are provided in the City’s FY 2016 Operating Budget.

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