The Torres Strait Islands in Australia are a group of low-lying islands between the tip of Cape York and the coast of Papua New Guinea.

The Torres Strait islands are already experiencing regular inundation from storm surges, causing erosion around the Islands. Islanders are also noticing that the environment is becoming unpredictable, and they attribute this to climate change.

Torres Strait Islanders have been campaigning for $22 million since 2006 to fund the building and upgrading of sea walls to protect the islands. However, despite their vulnerability to climate change impacts, and their repeated requests for assistance, the government continues to ignore the issue.

Please sign this petition to request that money from the carbon tax go towards funding adaptation measures in areas of Australia that are already experiencing the impacts of climate change and are in dire need of assistance.

Thank you very much for your help!

We, the undersigned, call on the Gillard Government to coordinate the construction and upgrading of sea walls on the low-lying islands of the Torres Strait to protect against sea level rise and storm surges, which are causing inundation and erosion on the islands.

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