The people of Ontario

The NICU at Windsor Regional has been operating as a modified Level 3 without proper funding and resources for several years now. The LHIN is talking about downgrading it to a Level 2 NICU.

If this happens it will mean that families will be torn apart at a critical time in their lives. When you are faced with a premature delivery, or high risk pregnancy you NEED family and friends nearby for support.

We the undersigned do not want to see the NICU at WRH downgraded to a Level 2. We need a Level 3 NICU in our area. London, Toronto, and Ottawa are too far away to travel for families in distress.

We are asking that the NICU at WRH be given the Level 3 designation, and ALL the financial and staffing resources that are required to run it at full capacity.

We cannot wait any longer, we need this designation NOW! Too many families in Essex and surrounding Counties depend on it!

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