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South Africa

The Department of Energy announced that both grades of petrol will increase by 99c and 100c/l for 93 and 95 (UPL & LRP) respectively. This latest increase further puts enormous pressure on the ordinary man on the street. Food will increase, transport and other essentials. This will definately lead to an increase to poverty making the already wide gap between the rich and the poor wider. Our government keeps increasing petrol but not improving the lives of the poor. Festive season is around the corner many are not even certain if they're gonna make it with prices increasing everyday. According to Makube small businesses and the poorer households will bear the brunt, this will further erode the disposable income and cause financial stress. This means South Africans will take even longer to get out of poverty. The government must ease the burden from consumers. Citizens cannot work for food, electricity and transport alone, it terrible and inhumane. Human rights are being violated by the the state.

I Pumla Juta a citizen of the Republic of South Africa call on the South African government to stop the scourge of fuel price increase. This type of action is increasing the rate of poor households and widening the gap between the rich and the poor. Section 27(1) (b) of the constitution states that, every one has the right to have access to sufficient food and water, section 2 further states that the state must take reasonable legislative and other measures within its available resources to achieve progressive realisation of each of the rights stated in section 1. The constitution is clear on the rights of the citizens however the government is blatantly trying to ignore this section of the constitution by continuously increasing petrol to make it impossible for the citizens to access food.

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