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On October 1st, Ron Inzirello was terminated from a job he loved in the mail room and escorted out.

The friends of Ron would repsectfully like to ask:

Do you feel that Ron got any consideration from the People, Service, Value (PSV) goals?

We would like to our voices to be heard.

Gather petition signatures from as many friends of Ron as possible. We would ask that you not use your name, but rather just your department and/or the floor you work on.

This is your chance to let your voice be heard.

This Petition is scheduled to end November 1, 2004 and is not intended to take you from your working time or job function with the company and ask that you not use Nextel resources or scheduled work time to complete this petition.

Orginizors of this petition have not sent this email to anyones work email address. We ask that you also keep this petition off of the companies email server.

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