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I think that front verges should be used for monkey bars, swings and trampolines. Instead, they just sit there looking pretty. If you join me in starting a revolution for all front verges in the CIty of Melville, your kids are going to stop pestering you all day. This is because they will have a bunch of fun things to do on their front verge, and start going to bed on time as they will be tired out from playing all day. (a bonus, if you ask me) So, don't be a fun-killing anhedonia* and sign this petition today.
* This word means to have the inability to have fun or to experience pleasure, aka swinging or climbing trees, (kid stuff)

Hi. I am a kid who loves to swing on rope swings and climb on monkey bars, things only possible if you have space for it. By allowing kids to put fun things on their verges, like a trampoline, your home instantly becomes a fun-looking, friendly place that LOTS of kids want to visit. Just think about it. All day, every day, your kids will be having fun out the front, swinging and climbing, and, when night comes, your children will be snoring like pigs, fast asleep. Join me today

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